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Return Of The Second
An Event Sponsored by the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation
through a Grant from the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Commission

The battles have been fought, sacrifices made,
sons and comrades lost.
Now the
Second Wisconsin
The Iron Brigade's first regiment, comes home.

The boys of the Second left 1051 strong and return reduced to 174 souls, many of those injured. Their three years of devotion to the Union are over and without enough men alive to become a Veteran Volunteer Regiment, they return to where they started.

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Address by Judge O. Cole 1864 Photographs, Madison Event
Governor Lewis Speech Address by Gen. Fairchild
Boys from Madison 1864

Thanks to Buzz Brown of the 5th Michigan for providing the midi file of "Battle Cry of Freedom"
played from the original Root & Cady sheet music, 1862