Here attached is a piece Fred wrote in 1997 about that very flooded field at Shiloh.

The Spirit of Fred Cook Goes On
Company K November 2004, Newsletter

Fred Cook lead an amazing life of service and devotion to veterans

and the memory of his great-grandfather. Fredís life resulted in a cadre of friends and

associates who respected and admired him. This entire newsletter could be devoted to

the honors and praise for Fred since he was called home in April. It is a tribute to Fred

that space would not allow for this exercise. It speaks well of a man who leaves such a

legacy behind.

As with everything in life, we tend

to take our pards for granted! I can tell you that in preparing for the

Barnes and Noble presentation and in dealing with Marie Liefheit in

Boscobel, Fred was admired and much loved by these groups. His influence reaches out still as

people fondly remember him and are saddened by his loss!

Fred loved people and enjoyed sharing his experiences and passion for the Civil

War with everyone. From his volunteer work at the Veterans Museum in

Madison, to his service with Company K, this compassion and desire to teach was

unbridled! Fred was loved because he loved us! He really loved Company K and the

boys who fill the ranks. His respect for the Civil War soldier, and especially his great

grandfather, was reflected in two articles he produced on the experience of reenacting at

Shiloh, Tennessee, and Antietam. A piece Fed wrote about visiting Andersonville,

where his great grandfather was a prisoner during the war, is a haunting piece. Even

more important as an insight into Fredís character was the humorous touches found in

his writings. Fred loved to laugh and make others laugh as well! Space does not allow

for the reproduction of these articles, but you can find them at the Second Wisconsin

web site. In the second newsletter, submitted shortly before his death, Fred offered his

view of why we are involved in the hobby of reenacting. Again it demonstrated his deep

emotional ties to our past and the soldiers who served in our most tragic war.

On June 27, 2004, Fredís son and daughter, Jim Cook and Rebecca Seglem,

presented the first "Fred G. Cook Legacy Award" to Robert Clampitt and Dave

Hoveler . The award was created by the Wisconsin Veteransí Museum in Fredís

honor. The ceremony was conducted at the Madison Concourse Hotel and Governorís

Club. The award is designated to outstanding volunteers at the museum.

Fred Cook is memorialized

Deceased ACWSA member Fred Cook is memorialized on the front page of the
July 2004 issue of the Wisconsin Veteran Museum's publication "The Bugle",
and the museum is renaming it's annual Docent Award to the "Fred G. Cook
Legacy Award.". You can see an online copy of the article on their web site
at Once you're on their homepage, click on
"The Bugle" icon in the green bar on the right side of the page.

Last Wednesday Fred and I were discussing a new idea for a new project.  Here are some of his thoughts:

"That web page idea struck a chord.  We could call it "Chaplain's Journal" where I could give my impression of CW weekends along with a few "timely" photos to suit the occasion. 
 (I'll start with my submerged tootsie's in the
alphafa field outside of Shiloh NHS).  Seriously, it has potential, I'm sure".
Fred Cook

Scott Sonntag, a few words about Fred

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