List of those Regiments on the World Wide Web 
that fought for the Union 

The First Day at Gettysburg, 
July 1, 1863



First Division First Division
First Brigade (Iron Brigade of the West) The 17th Connecticut (813) 848-2662
The Second Wisconsin The 107th Ohio, (904) 276-257

Company A

The 61st  0hio, (216) 562-9787

Company B

Second Division

Company C

The 27th Pennsylvania

Company E

The 73rd Pennsylvania

Company G

The 55th Ohio Co. F (no phone)

Company H

Third Division

Company K

The 26th Wisconsin
The Sixth Wisconsin Co. K The 119th  New York (516) 874-3044
The Sixth Wisconsin Company C
The Seventh Wisconsin Company I Artillery Brigade
The Seventh Wisconsin  1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery B
The !9th Indiana, Company A
The 19th Indiana, Company A Cavalry Corps
The 19th Indiana, Company B First Division
(Gen. John Buford)
The 19th Indiana, Company H First Brigade
The 19th Indiana, Company K 3rd Indiana (219) 356-3372
The 24th Michigan
The 24th Michigan Company C (California) Second Brigade
The 24th Michigan Company K 9th New York Cavalry
The 24th Michigan Company K (UK) 17th Pennsylvania (717)267-2625
Second Brigade 3rd West Virginia (717) 642-8946
The 56th Pennsylvania (717) 992-762
The 147th New York (315) 598-8466 Reserve Brigade 
(Not in first day battle)
Second Division 1st United States
The 88th Pennsylvania 2nd United States
The 11th Pennsylvania 5th United States
The 84th New York (14th Brooklyn) 6th United States
Third Division
The 142nd Pennsylvania (973) 761-942
The 150th Pennsylvania (Mifflin Guard)
The 149th Pennsylvania (Mifflin Guard)
Artillery Brigade Horse Artillery
Battery B of the Fourth US   1st Brigade
1st Pennsylvania Light Battery B
(310) 860-0543
2nd United States, Battery B
(407) 299-4909
1st New York Light (814) 438-8075 2nd United States Battery M
1st New York Light, Battery L
(315) 438-8075
2nd Brigade
2nd United States, Battery A
Please bring to my attention any Regiment that reenacts a first Day Unit that I have not listed.