Men's and Children's Wear

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City Worker: Leather apron,
white band on patterned shirt for detachable collar

Apron would have been used by a person working with rough or hot materials-steel worker, blacksmith, wagon maker.

Stovepipe hat

Many people recent to this country retained an overlay of the national costume from whence they came.

Sport suit: after Prince of Wales (visited US in 1860) for hiking, hunting or bicycle.  Leather or canvas gaiters Suit-tweed, checked or solid suit1a.GIF (1915 bytes)
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Farm dress: broadbrim straw hat, strapped pantaloons
(one or two straps).  Shirt with dropped shoulder & full sleeve.

Lace-up or Wellington boots.

Some paintings show pants in a blue, possibly denim, which Came unbleached and was dyed.   Pants hemmed short.

suit 2a.GIF (2907 bytes) Men's Smock/shirt with white Shirt under.
Wearing tubular pants tucked into boots.
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Typical Businessman:  Flared top hat Grey, black, yellow,or beige.

High shirt collar with only points turned down and pleated front.

Frockcoat, shawl-collar vest, single or double-breasted, usually black,
long hemmed pants to fall over shoe top

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Traveling outfit of Box Coat and pants from 1850's on. If pants and jacket fabric matched (which they rarely did) it would've been referred to as a 'ditto' suit.

Coat could be of wool to velvet and often trimmed with dark braid. Worn with boots or laced shoes and a tall silk Hat - always with leather gloves that were usually yellow.

Raglan Sleeve coat with Bowler hat. First made in 1850's & named for Lord Raglan who lost an arm in the Crimean War.
Fine Straw bowler, Starched high collar, Pre-tied tie and long-hemmed pants, Gloves
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suit3a.GIF (1810 bytes) 8-9 year old girl, Tiered dress w/elbow length sleeves, a Bertha collar that crosses in front and sash that ties in front.


Young Boy's Everyday Wear:

Collarless shirt w/pants buttoned onto shirt. Shirt of muslin, gingham, linen, calico.

Very little boys in muslin or linen dress - plainer than girls-

suit3b.GIF (1944 bytes) In-Between age boys: in trimmed suits with knee length pants,  stockings and boots.
suit3c.GIF (1621 bytes) Young girls: diagonal tucked dress w/sleeves to elbow. It is finished off with visible pantalets and slippers.

Little Girl:  high waist apron over dress w/pantalets, white or black stockings and boots

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Double breasted panel tunic worn in or out. Pants with high boots, Wheel Cap


Older Boy: smock, belted, with tie which was usually red or black

Boots of canvas and leather. Pants hemmed-short and worn out.

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