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Jericho Ford


Here they remained with occasional artillery duels and occasional skirmishes until the 21st.

May 21st, march to Guinea, eight miles.


On the 21st, with the division, the brigade vacated its position, and marched in a southeasterly direction, and came to a halt at a position five miles from Guinness' Station, on the Bowling Green Road. Here they bivouacked for the night, with breastworks thrown up in front, as Ewell's corps was in close proximity.

May 22nd, to Wolf's Church, twelve miles. May 23rd, cross the North Anna River at Jericho Ford, ten miles. May 25th, march to left of line, two miles. May 26th, recross the North Anna.


On the 22nd, they followed on the tracks of the retreating enemy as far as Wolf's Church, where they bivouacked for the night, and arrived, on the afternoon of the 23rd, at North Anna River, to the left of Jericho Ford, Our cavalry was skirmishing with the enemy on the banks of the river, and the brigade was sent to assist them. They were soon relieved, and rejoined the division, and led the way to Jericho Ford, crossing the river at that point, in the afternoon, moving forward about a mile from the river, where the line of battle was formed, the Sixth on the left of the brigade, with the Seventh next on the right. Before the line was completed, the enemy attacked vigorously, and forced the brigade back about a half a mile, when they were reinforced by two batteries of artillery, and rallying, after about two hours severe fighting, drove the rebels form the field in disorder. Their conduct elicited the praise of their superior officers. They remained on the field during the 24th, and on the next day moved to the left, on the left of the Sixth Corps, where they engaged in skirmish and guard duty until the evening of the 26th, when they recrossed the river on a temporary bridge, covered over with sand to deaden the sound, and reached Magnolia Church, where rations were issued to the troops.