Benton Barracks Oct.6,1862

Dear Mother,

I have at last an opportunity to write to you after so long a time. I suppose you heard before this that I was taken prisoner in Luka and you did not know but what I was hurt but I didn’t have much of a chance to get hurt. On Friday Sep. 12th we were sent out on picket 5 miles East of Luka , Ed Farley , I. Felch, W. Wheems and myself . Nothing happened to alarm us until the next morning when it was almost time for the relief to come, we heard the pickets fire on our right and presently a company of Rebel Calvary approached and demanded of us “Who we were?” We replied “Union”. “Then lay down your arms” says the captain of the rebels. Thinking it was the best thing we could do at the time, we did so. They proceeded then to take our guns, cartridge boxes, belts, oilcloths and canteens which done them for the time. They treated us kindly but made us get along pretty fast for some 8 miles. When we came to a halt they told us to put our knapsacks in the wagon which we did and when we got thru again nothing was left to me but my blouse and pants. They took my boots, $8.00, pants, $2.50, shirt, $2.00 and some other clothes, along with the needle book you sent me. This I made some remarks about and through the kindness of your old Texas friend, I got it back. I found with the men that guarded us, a man that knew Uncle John and all of us in Texas. Garrett and Dulla in Hopkins County. They told me that Uncle John went First Lieut. of a Co. of Rangers from Texas under Captain Williams and that he was in Little Rock, AR. with his company. If I could have had the privilege of running around, I might have found lots of the boys I knew in Texas. I inquired all of the time and found out that the 2nd Texas Legion was at Luka and that there was a company from Hopkins in it. Ceylin Stout with his 3 oldest were in it. Also, a man by the name of Mentor. I wanted to go and see them, but they would not let me. I sent a letter to Uncle John by Garrett which I guess he will get. I saw a man that saw Grandma 2 years ago. He says that Pres. Davis has probably confiscated all of your land in Texas. The next day after we were taken, Price went into Luka and they took us then with them and kept us in a hole on crackers and beef salt. ------------------------------ to let me have any . Here we stayed for 2 days and 3 nights when we were sent to Tupelo on the Mobile and Ohio R.R. 75miles we marched this in two day and a half and arrives in Tupalo just in time too eat some molasses and bread ----- ----- good and we got on the cars and arrived at Jackson Miss. at 3 in the P.M. next ------we were taken before Gov. ----------------- released, and he ordered to hold in jail. That night we --------- ----------- ---------very comfortable ( ten words not legible ) to Vicksburg -------- --------- -------------arrived about noon and again were put in jail. After waiting 3 days, we were conveyed to our fleet on the river 1 1/2 miles above Vicksburg. We were placed on parole, not to do duty as soldiers until exchanged at ----------------. We were guarded to the 77 Ohio and 68 ----------were sent back from the battle of Shiloh (4 or 5 words not legible ) guarding prisoners in the latter ---------- 3 months ------------ it was tough to be guarded by these pimps, but we got along at last and now we are again at Benton Barracks in the same quarters we occupied one year ago.

I have got put my name down to draw some clothes and I have written this in a hurry. In a few days, we will have some idea what they do with us, and then I will try to get some ink and pens and try to write a better letter. So excuse me this time while take a wash and put on some clean clothes.

Your Affectionate Son,


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