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The New Administration[New!]

Weekly Patriot
March 9, 1861

Mr. Lincoln thus far seems to have started off with the idea that we have a Government worth preserving, and so long as he gives us hope of deliverance from the evils that beset by adhering to the policy chalked out he will have brave hearts to sustain him. He tells as that the Supreme Court was actually created with some power and for some purpose and that its decisions are the Supreme law of the land and as such all good citizen are bound to yield. obedience to it. This has been the main home of contention, at least so far as Wisconsin is concerned between he Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats have contended that the decisions of the highest judicial tribunals-whether in themselves morally right or wrong, are binding on the states and individuals.

The Republicans on the contrary, have taught us, that there was a "higher law" than that expounded by the Supreme Court and if that Court erred, (they, the Republicans, being the judges of that fact,) it was the right and duty of individuals and states to resist its mandates and to determine the mode and measure of redress A doctrine more fatal to all Governments than this should not well be conceived of and yet it has been the great bone of contention between the two parties in this State; and the battle between Sloan and Dixon was fought expressly on that issue and the doctrine of state Supremacy and resistance to federal authority was endorsed by every man who voted for Sloan -in most cases we presume with a mental reservation but with a hearty good will be a large minority of our opponents. Indeed resistance to federal Usurpation (resisting the decisions of the Federal Courts) has been a leading and principal rallying cry of the Wisconsin Republicans, ever since the Dred Scott decision was made and the most happy sign of returning reason and allegiance to Federal authority and consequent good fellowship with our Sister State is the inaugural of President Lincoln who has thus early put his official condemnation of a dogma that could not have failed to eventually destroy the Government even if no secession had never been attempted at the South.

Mr. Lincoln uses the following very explicit language: I do not forget the position assumed by some that constitutional objections are to be decided by the Supreme Court nor do I deny that such decisions must be binding in every case on the parties to suit and to the objects of that suit while they are entitled to a very high respect and consideration in all parallel cases by all other departments of the government and while it is obviously possible that such decisions may be erroneous in any given case still the evil effect of following. it being limited to that particular case with the chance that it may be over-ruled, and never become a precedent for other dares can better be born than could the evils of a different practice.

It is a duty from which they may not shrink to decide cases properly brought before them.
It is no fault of theirs if other seek to turn their decisions to political purposes Thus does Mr. Lincoln vindicate the position assumed by the Democracy of Wisconsin and the Union. If there are minor defects in the message that one declaration would cure a multitude of them. The doctrine advanced by Mr. Lincoln is not new. It is as old as civil governments and dates far back of that time when the Tribunes adjudicated the roman laws. We sincerely thank Mr. Lincoln for thus vindicating the only safeguard of the Republic and we trust now that his followers in Wisconsin will cease their foray on the constitutional arbiter of the nation and to forth with rescind the treasonable resolutions of 1859.

On this point we quote the following from the inaugural italicizing such portions as we most respectfully call the attention of the majority in the Legislature to: It follows from these views that no state upon its own mere motion can lawfully go our of the Union that resolves see resolutions of 1859 and ordinances to that effect are legally void-and that arts of violence within any states or state against the authority of the United States the Glover mob and Booth rescue-seizing of arms to defend a criminal from the custody of U.S. Officers are insurrectionary or revolutionary according to circumstances.

We would like to see that paragraph written in letters of fire across the walls of the room in which the Republican caucus is generally held.

We can tell you fellow republicans, Old Honest Abe is after you. You should immediately repent of your sins be baptized in the spirit of the inaugural and prepare yourselves for a miche in Abraham's bosom or you will soon find yourselves out in the wet and cold And without attempting to be facetious let us call your attention to the following short paragraph of the inaugural: By the form of the government under which we live the same people have wisely given their public servants but little power for mischief and have with equal wisdom provided for the return of that little to their hand's at very short intervals.

Thus Mr. Lincoln oracular tells us "the people have wisely given their public servants but LITTLE power for mischief" and as of late they have exercised much power for mischief."

In Wisconsin it follows as a matter of course that most of that power has been usurped! and in the language of Mr. Lincoln we think it will be but a short interval before the people will foreclose on that Power which has been so much abused. A revolution is going on-not only at the South but at the North.

The faction that hasten the most dangerous examples for anarchy and disorder is doomed-it will soon be crushed beneath the great car of reform and regeneration which we trust in God Old Honest Abe has thus early assumed to direct and control.