1857 Home Front
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Convention 1857

Wealthy New York
Gerrit Smith and the "freedom Fighter"
from Kansas,
John Brown
gave well received speeches.

With eight to twelve hundred Jammed into the hall. The meeting proceed with out a hitch and
unanimously adopted a set of
resolutions. These expressed alarm at the Slave Power‘s domination of every branch of the federal government, and called upon the people to reclaim it and demonstrate their fitness for the freedom and self-government the founding fathers had bequeathed to them.

The convention also designated the states to be the sole legitimate guardians of popular liberty, and charged them to jealously protect their reserved rights from being undermined by the national
government and "at the mercy of whatever party or interest might control" It.

The meeting went on to deny that the Constitution sanctioned human
slavery or gave Congress any power to legislate on its behalf.

It also insisted that the states were under no obligation to return fugitive slaves, and that in

Wisconsin at least, "whoever treads on it soil... is FREE.

Milwaukee Sentinel 1857