Rebels at Camp Randall
An Event sponsored by Friends of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, the Institute for Museum and Library Services and the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation.

In 1862 Union Forces were working to clear navigation of the Mississippi River. At the New Madrid Bend, Island No. Ten gave the Confederate forces a perfect position to fire on any ships attempting to continue south. After contesting the position for a month from gunboats in the river, a run beneath the batteries was successful allowing General Pope to cross the river and capture the Island. Prisoners were taken and brought by rail and boat to Camp Randall.

They were housed at the Camp, guarded by the 19th Wis. Regiment until they could be relocated to Camp Douglas at Chicago.

The weekend's reenactment replayed some of that history at the original site as well as presenting the period's history to 2500 students from Wisconsin schools.

Madison's Stadium Bar Certificate

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For the support of the Second Wis. over the years

Camp Randall photos by Fred Cook