Cavalry Bugle Signals
Poinsett's 1841 Manual.

I'm pleased to announce that this 36 page manual with cassette tape is now available. As Threatened, you get to hear me sing the ditties as well as play the top cavalry bugle tunes of the 1860's. Basically we take the top 15 calls that you MUST KNOW and play and sing them enough times to make your neighbors move away.

Right out of Poinsett's 1841 manual. Richard Lynch of the 1st New Hampshire did all of the Cavalry Manual stuff, and I did all of the bugle oriented stuff.

$10 for manual, tape, shipping et al. UNIT orders I'll stuff in some goodies for your bugler to get them up to speed as well. The bigger the order the more the goodies.

If you want to copy the tape or 8.5 x 11" format manual you may do so. The MS Word file with pretty pictures in it is about 6MB Zipped. The drill book sized manuals are $3.00 each additional, on top of the base set for $10.00.

I've got 200 sets, and orders in house for 120 of them. Turn around to get another batch of 200 printed up and duped is about a week. If you're wondering, I'm only losing about a quarter on each set depending on how many sets get sent out per mailing (that's the biggest cost!).

Time to learn the calls, as THEY did! And not a bad idea for Officer's in OTHER branches to learn the Cavalry bugle Signals as well....

RJ Samp

"Battle Field Music manual 
back in stock"

John Poe's Field Music's compendium/manual is now back in stock. 
Basically it's a copy of your FAVORITE bugle calls of all time!
ALL of the Infantry (Casey's), Artillery (Hunt's), and Cavalry (Poinsett's) bugle signals, PLUS ALL of the ACW drum duty beats (Casey's). 
Haversack sized manual with a heavy stock cover.

Now $6 including 1st class postage (we don't charge extra for the paper cuts on the tongue from licking the envelopes). We lose about a buck on each one of these, 
but you're right, we make it up in VOLUME!

A Great hint gift for the Colonel (hey, how about using me to sound some of these), or the wife for an anniversary present (join me in the Tattoo Trio sweetheart? (and don't ask who's singing the third part!)), or just for yourself (I'm an Infantry Bugler! Why should I know what Cavalry Charge, or 
Artillery Commence Firing sounds like????).

RJ Samp

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