Wisconsin Civil War
Heritage Reenactment
October 1998

Norskedalen Nature & Heritage Center
Coon Valley, WI

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...Smoke curled from the farmhouse chimney and it wasn't long become the boys awoke to the smell of fresh baking bread.
...Roosters crowed as the sun topped the crown of the valley, painting the trees with fall halo of orange, red and gold. A couple of the men fished for trout in a nearby stream.

...The the homestead was close, yet so far from the war. We noticed troops at the mouth of the valley. Were they ours?  Or rebels ?

Company B, La Crosse Civil War Reenactors and the Norskedalen Heritage Center invite you to participate in a Wisconsin Civil War Heritage Reenactment presenting the history of Wisconsin's involvement in the War of the Rebellion.

The event site is-a restored, 19th century Scandinavian immigrant homestead, including a large barn built by a Badger veteran in 1864, located on hundreds of acres of beautiful, wooded farmland with a stream. The scenario is to accurately portray a detachment of Wisconsin infantry and artillery camped at the homestead, close to Confederate lines, protecting it from rebel sharpshooters and artillery.

Norskedalen is 15 miles S.E. of La Crosse; about 95 miles N.W. of Madison. See map.

For Reenactors:

October, 1997
October! Last time to drop the old rubber blanket on the ground and put the dog tent up for one last time, a hidden valley a wonderful evening and a last time for this season to sit around a fire and talk about the year.
What a great way to end the season! Tucked in a valley a half an hour on winding roads out of Sparta, the site is one that would be hard to beat..
Those that managed to get in Friday night were treated to northern lights and Saturday had interesting scenarios with a few surprises and ended with good music around the campfire. From watching the Rebel troops try to ford a stream without getting wet feet to ladies making frying pan threats after an early morning skirmish through the civilian camp, it was a relaxed, enjoyable few days in beautiful surroundings.

Both "Black Hat" and western theater uniforms are needed to illustrate the different Wisconsin uniforms. Confederate impressions are most welcome and needed. In addition to skirmishes, several living history scenarios are planned each day. Civilian Reenactors in period dress are welcome to use the farm house,and other buildings. These buildings will be available for evening shelter.

An artillery gunpowder bounty, firewood, drinking water, straw and a Saturday evening meal is provided for Reenactors. 
Setup begins Friday evening, October 9.

This event is open by invitation only to participate contact Sgt. John Thiel at 608-788-6411; or John Dudkiewicz at 608-783-7681.

You may see the northern lights by camp fire...

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John Thiel (608-788-641 1) or Norskedalen Center at (608-452-3432)


(Take county P north from hwy 14 in Coon Valley to county PI three miles to the entrance.
(Directions are well marked with signs)

EMERGENCY PHONE # ONLY (608-452-3300)

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