Schedule soon to be updated for 2002

January. 6th ....
Fort Point, San Francisco,
Drill and living history

March 24-25 ....
Knights Ferry, Ca.
Weekend event and encampment

April 21-22....
Healdsburg, Ca.
Weekend event and encampment

May 24-25 ....
School Event at Roaring Camp, Felton Ca.
Living history taught to hundreds of elementary and intermediate school children learning what life was like in the mid-19th century! near Santa Cruz

May 26-28....Roaring Camp, Felton Ca.
Roaring Camp, Felton Ca. Weekend event and encampment. Three day event!
Old town and Railroad Location (near Santa Cruz)

June 2-3rd, Friday-Saturday, over-night hike, camp and living History for
the Boy Scouts on Scout Island, Merced, California.

June 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, & 24. Recruitment Camp at the San Joaquin
Fairgrounds, Stockton California

July1-4, Willamette Mission Event, Oregon,
Fighting with the 19th Indiana.

July 14-15, Camel Barns,
The Old Fort, Benicia, Ca.

July 21-22...
Duncans Mill, Gurneville, Ca.
CHAS event featuring members of the ACWA,

August 25-26....
Casa de Fruta, Gilroy, Ca.
Weekend event and encampment

September 1-3, Labor Day Weekend.
Huntington Beach, Fighting with the 6th

September 15-16....
Ione, Ca.
Weekend event and encampment

October 6-7, Fresno, California...
an Iron Brigade reunion against the
sessionist. We will have representives from all five regiments here!

October 20-21 ....
Los Banos, Ca.
Weekend event and encampment

Benicia, Ca.
ACWA Ball and Banquet at the Clock Tower near the Camel
Barns on the old fort site.