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1863 October, Seventh Wisconsin

Oct. 1863


Mr. S. K. Potts, serving in Company H, 7th Wisconsin, formerly Capt. Finnicum's company, writes to us as follows:
"I am glad to inform you that the old Iron Brigade has become the first Brigade in the Grand Army of the Potomac, the regiments in preceding Brigades of two year and six months men having left the service, their time having expired and our Brigade being all volunteers for three years or the war. There are five regiments in the Brigade. Gen. Reynolds and Gen Wadsworth had our brigade put on the Potomac Army Register as number one; and according to the commission of your Colonel, the old Seventh Wisconsin is the first regiment on the list. So the Seventh stands thus: the first Regiment in the first Brigade of the first Division in the First Army Corps of the Grand Army of the Potomac"
Three of the companies serving in the Seventh are from Grant County as follows: C, H, and F.