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1863 April, Seventh Wisconsin

April 1, 1863

PROMOTED.- Capt. J. B. Callis of Company F, 7th Regiment has been promoted by the Governor to the place of Major of his regiment. It is understood that the officers of that regiment complimented Capt. Finnicum with a majority by one vote for the place, but as Capt.. Callis outranked Finnicum and perhaps for other reasons, the Governor thought the place due to Capt. Callis. He will, therefore, rank as Major. We learn that in consequence of the vacancy in the place of Lt. Colonel of that regiment, Major Callis will be the acting Lt. Colonel, while by seniority Capt. Finnicum will be the acting Major. On behalf of the many friends of these brave officers, we complement them upon their rising prospects. The glorious old Second, Third and Seventh Wisconsin, composed in part of Grant County men, stand up equal with any, if not ahead, in the Potomac army.
Major John B. Callis left his friends and home in Lancaster this morning to return to his regiment the 7th Wisconsin; he expresses a regret at quitting the command of his old company who have fought so nobly under him through the past struggles but at the same time expresses the greatest confidence in the present Commander, Capt. H.F. Young. Attempts were made by rivals to defeat the promotion of Capt. Callis which only served to insure his promotion and at the same time elevate him above every suspicion ; also to prove his ability and bravery beyond cavil. Gen. Haskell acting Ass't Adj't General to Gen. Gibbon through the battles of Bull Run No. 2, South Mountain and Antietam, reported to Gov. Salomon that the only fault found with Capt. Callis was that he was out of place at times in being in front of his regiment, and that he had to be ordered to the rear." Such a fault weighs heavily against those who accused him of cowardice.

APRIL 25TH, 1863

Time flies with great rapidity and the old gent finds the Grand Army of the Potomac lying quiet in their winter quarters. True, we are under orders to be ready to march at an hour's  notice; with eight days' rations of crackers, sugar, coffee and salt, and three days rations