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1861 July, Seventh Wisconsin

Madison, July 23, 1861
General Orders No. -
1. The following volunteer companies being the first twenty companies registered in this office will be called for the Seventh and Eighth regiments, at an early day not yet determined upon:
Lodi Guards, Lodi, Capt. Bill
Omro Rifles, Omro, Capt. Felker;
Ripon Guards, Ripon, Capt. Eggleston;
Wolf River Rifles; New London, Lieut. Hyde;
Eau Claire Badgers, Eau Claire, Capt. Raylor;
Wisconsin Pinery Rifles, Stevens Point, Capt. Raymond;
Columbia County Cadets, Fall River, Capt. Huntington;
Platteville Guards, Platteville, Capt. Nesmith;
Bay City Guards, Platteville, Capt. Ellis;
Waupaca Union Rifles, Waupaca, Capt. Redfield;
Marquette County Sharpshooters, Montello, Capt. Walker;
Stoughton Light Guard, Stoughton, Capt. Giles;
Northwestern Tigers, Spring Lake, Lt. A. S. Rogers
Bad Ax County Volunteers, Sterling, Capt. Ingersoll;
Oakfield Guards, Oakfield, Capt. Large
Washington Rifles, Milwaukee, Lt. Grant
Roughs and Readies, Ripon, Capt. Valentine;
Rock County Sharpshooters, Janesville, Capt Gillett;
Union Guards, Columbus, Capt. Lewis;
Sugar River Rifles, Bellville, Capt. Estes
2. Commanders of the above named companies will forthwith communicate to this office, upon honor, the existing condition of their companies and the number of men enlisted and state whether they can report a full company for the war (83 to 101 men) on one week's notice.
3. Nothing in this order will be understood as authorizing the placing of any of the companies at board and quarters at the expense of the State.-
Such authority may be given by subsequent order, on the acceptance of the company.
by order as the commander-in-chief.
Adjutant General

VOLUNTEER COMPANIES AND COMMISSIONS.-The following will furnish valuable information to persons interested in the war movements in this state. The first list shows the infantry companies which have tendered their services and reported full remaining on the register in the Executive Office after the filling up of the 6th Regiment and the omission of several companies heretofore called upon but known to be disbarred:
Lodi Guards; Omro Rifles; Ripon Guards; Sugar River Rifles; Eau Clare Badgers; Hamilton Guards; Fond du Lac Co; Wis. Piney Rifles; Washington Rifles, Milwaukee; Rosendale Rifles Guards; Columbia Co. Cadets; Wolf River Rifles; Oshkosh Union Guard; Platteville Guards Bay City Guards; Waupaca Union Rifles; Fox River Zouaves; Marquette Co. Sharpshooters; Bad Ax Co. Volunteers; Ripon Rough and Readies; Rock Co. Sharpshooters; Columbus Union Guards; Grand Rapids Union Guards; Sheboygan Co. Independents; St. Croix Rifles; Princeton Light Guards; Island City Guards, Neenah; Kingston Guard, Sauk Co; Fox Lake Volunteers; Rough and Ready Guards, Dane Co.; Stoughton Light Guards; Madison Sharpshooters; total--31

The following shows the infantry companies which have tended their service but have not yet been reported full as follows:
Delavan Guards; National Guards, Sauk Co.; Rutland Light Infantry ; Madison Guards, Company B.; Trempealeau Guards; Waukesha Union Guards; Geneva Light Guards; Waupun Rifles; Warshawa Rifles; Independent Rifle Brigade, Milwaukee; Houston Guards; Lancaster Union Guards; Oakfield Guards; Burlington Zouaves; Badger State Guards, Fennimore, Grant Co.; Dodge Co. Volunteers.-Total 16

The following is the list of persons who have receive commissions in the State Militia authorizing them to enroll companies of volunteers. These commission do not authorize any expenses to be made against the State. When under them or without them 65 able bodied men have enlisted themselves they can proceed to elect officers who will be commissioned in the Active Militia; and when 83 are enrolled and report of such fact made to the executive office or to the Adjutant General's office, the company will be registered and called in its turn for active service.

To Alexander Chrytie, Portage City as Captain
Marvin Perkus, Stevens Point """""""
John A. Ferrell, Weyauwega """"""""
James L. Codin, Wyocena"""""""""
James W. Sprague, Dane Co. as Lieut
A. J. Richardson, Menasha"""""""
W. P.. Alexander, Beloit"""""""""
J. W. Decker, Dodge Co."""""""
Jacob Stoner, Walworth Co.,"""""""""
J. M. Crummery, Milwaukee""""""""
Milo M. Baker, Mauston"""""""""
F. J. Hartington, Elkhorn""""""""""
John E. Sutton, Dane Co., Lieutenant
E. R. Bectley, Rock Co.,"""""
Geo. W. Bird, Dane Co.""""
Jas. H. Green Prairie du Chien"""""
L. H. Rann, White Water"""""""""
O. E. Foote, Tomah, Captain
S. D.  Fay, Oxford, Marq. Co., Lieutenant
Ingersoll George, New Lisbon
Edward W. Cornes, Mazomani, Captain
F. Borcherdt, Manitowoc
Hollow Richardson, Chippewa Falls, Captain 
Alonzo D. Hickok, Salem, LaCrosse Co.

Many of the above have reported progress showing that they have companies nearly full

July 23, 61

We learn from the Executive Department that it is the Governor's present intention not to call the 7th and 8th regiments into camp until after harvest say about the 20th of August- unless there shall be a further call for troops by the Government requiring dispatch. As soon as companies now registered in the 7th and 8th are designated to fill up the vacancies in the 5th and 6th, and new arrangement for those regiments, (the 7th and 8th) taking the companies still in existence in their order will be made and the several companies will be fully advised of the arrangement. It is proper to state that the Governor has throughout continued the plan of giving those companies who originally filled up and reported for three months the chance to come in for the war. That list is nearly exhausted and the roll now reaches to companies which have reported themselves as full for the war so that there will be few or no failures to muster full on the next call.

The 7th and 8th Regiments
A dispatch was received from Governor Randall, who is still at Washington, last night stating that the 7th and 8th Regiments have been accepted.
Measures will be taken at once to provide uniforms and arms and the Regiments will be called into camp at this place in the course of about three weeks.
It is very important not to take men out of the harvest fields before that time and the State authorities will accordingly not order them into service at once but by providing for their full equipment immediately on their arrival at camp there will be but little time lost. Men with good uniforms and arms will learn the drill in half the time required to instruct them when they are brought into camp without arms and uniforms as has been the case mainly with the other regiments.