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1861 April, Seventh Wisconsin

April 23,  1861

Lodi Guards
At a meeting of the citizens of the village of Loki, Columbia County and vicinity held n the 20th April, 1861,  pursuant to notice, for the purpose of organizing a military company and perfecting themselves in tactics and drill.
W. W. Baker, Esq., was chosen chairman and G. M. Humphrey, secretary.
The object of the meeting having been stated, on motion of  R. Lindsay,
Resolved, that we enroll ourselves for the propose of forming a military company.
And about one hundred signed the roll.
Whereupon the meeting was adjourned to the 23d inst. at which time the organization was completed by adopting the the name of "Lodi Guards" and the election of the following officers, Viz: Captain, George Bill: Lieut, Jonah H. Ray; E. Mbn, R. Lindsay; 1st Sergeant, W. W. Baker; 2d do,. A. W. Pettibone; 3d do, H, M. Ayer; 4th do, D. H. Fitch; 1st corporal, M. C. Bartholomew; 2d do. D. Hesselgrow; 3d do. A. W. Baker; 4th do. C. G. Stocker and on motion of Serg't Baker,
Resolved, that the Governor of this State be informed that this company is now fully organized, and reports itself for further orders.
Which was received with cheers and unanimously adopted.
Capt. Hill served under Gen. Scott through out the Mexican War and had entered upon the drill in a manner that shows him competent for the place. Commissions from the Governor have been received for the officers of this company.
This in connection with the fact the there had previously been enlisted at our village thirty men for the Randall Guards, twenty one of whom are now in that company and the rest very much disappointed shows that Lodi is not behind here sister villages in responding to the call when the "Star Spangled Banner" is insulted.