October 1863

Camp near Raccoon Ford, Oct 6, 63

Dear sir:-I have noticed with pleasure that the citizens of Vernon county have nominated L't clayton e. Rogers, formerly of this Regiment as their candidate for Sheriff.-l't Rogers was raised from the ranks to a 1st Lieutnacy in the Regiment, and slso served long on the stall fo Gen'l Wardsworth.
In whatever compacity tried company officer, Aid de camp, Provost marshal or Quarter master, he was not a little distinguished for executive talent and efficiency as an officer. for his conduct in battle, it is no exaggeration to say that the successful with drawal of much of the division, on July first at Gettysburg when almost encircled by the lines of the enemy was to be no small extent due to his exertions. As an officer on the Staff he had judgment and dared to take the responsibility when the exigency demanded and when Generals could not communicate orders.
From L't rogers the Infantry and Artillery in the line east of the Seminary received the orders original with him to withdraw in good order beyond the city; and that order saved the sixth regiment from entire annihilation-for capture they would not have submitted to.
When in the crisis of the occupation of the Cemetery Hill, the height that saved the nation a drunken furious General, attempted to make disposition of the troops and for aught we knew, with right- Lient Rogers a subordinate of the staff, had the courage to bluff him with "You are` drunk, sir and you cant' take command of these troops."

The value of such service in that hour of peril was not small.
Vernon community can find  no more efficient sheriff nor reward a more deserving soldier than L't Clayton E. Rogers.
TO James lOWRIE, eSQ.