February 1862

Headquarters 6th Reg't Wis. Vol.

Camp at Arlington Heights, Va.
February 16th 1862

Mr. S. S. Cooke, Gilmanton Wis.

Respected Father:- I have none of your valued favor claiming a reply. gude having a little leisure time this morning (leaving time at 2 O'clock a.m. it is now something the sentinel on duty informed me.) I will spend a portion then giving the news. This morning I arrive oll end omtvichs of snow is coming the ground Half suspect that old winter is giving us a palinzkick We will receive it cool rarely and forgive him for the act if He will only get in a good humor put on a smiling face and furnish us with pleasanter weather in the future.

This Regiment yesterday received new guns. They were manufactured at Springfield in Massachusetts and are named the Springfield Rifle. They are the most elegantly finished gun that I have seen in the service and are said to be effective and accurate in shooting. some of the Secessions had now better make their peace with God, and speedily make such dispersion with their worldly affairs as that they will be safely leave whilst they begin that ever enlighten journey that some of them are sure to take on the other side of Jordan in the Spirit World.

The Union army is now meeting with signal success in almost every engagement-God is on our side now that we have the most best drilled and best equipped men-The riddle is already ready as to the suppression of this rebellion. If the rebels don't get outside assistance, and that soon too, many of our noble gallant sons have best sacrificed on their country's altar endeavoring to suppress this monster rebellion-But sspine that not many thousands more of our valiant sons will leave the farm and make a sudden unexpected visit to the land of Spirits ere this rebellion will be among the things that were to be dealt with only by the historian. If we succeed in crushing out this rebellion and forever wiping out the foul course of slavery from our fair country our brave men will not have even vainly sacrificed. If we do not accomplished this I shall weep over our fallen sons and ruin in country. I do not wish to live to see the day that our beloved country shall be offered up a sacrifice to human slavery but I have no fears of that at present; yet there was a time during this struggle when our cause seemed wavering in the balance and we had dark and gloomy foreboding and felt sick at heart when we thought of what the future of our country would probably be. But our Star of hope has risen and we predict glorious and prosperous future for our native land. I can even now almost cry for joy when I contemplate the sublime future of this heaven favored land. I hope and pray that our national sins are pretty nearly atoned for and that very soon we may enjoy the two fold blessing of peace and liberty, that our sword may be beaten into plow shares and our guns into railroad rails and we transported over the rails to our peaceful happy homes again where I trust we may be permitted to pass the balance of our days with our wives and children. I predict that when the strawberries ripen I shall be with my wife and friends again.

The Army of the Potomac is now fully prepare to move and as soon as the roads will permit; it will take the field for active operations.

Coming events are crowding thickly upon us history will be made very fast during the next three months. those who cannot or will not take a part in this struggle must stand aside and let those in who will. for in god's name I believe the time has come and how is that this rebellion to be crushed slavery abrogated and peace liberty and prosperity restored to our now distracted country Very truly yours

Warren C. Garwood