Gettysburg 2000

"Wisconsin Cherishes the Memory of her Brave Sons"

Photo: Jeremy Johnson

  Placing Flags at  the Cemetery                McPherson's Wood


Once again men and women from Wisconsin, Michigan, and a myriad of states out east from 
Co. C returned to the sacred soil of Gettysburg to take part in the 
Remembrance Day Weekend activities Nov. 17th to the 18th.

The twist this year was that most of the men who came from the Midwest came with 
spouse in tow, which added to the very delightful time.

Despite the chilly temps, all ceremonies went well. I appreciate the participation from those who step forward and took part. We all have to remember that this is a day where it’s an open forum
and I invite everyone to take part in it.

I purposely scheduled the flag ceremony at the National Cemetery to precede the Monument Ceremony, to allow those of us who made the trek from the Midwest a day to rest and roam.

This year when we went over to the field that separates the Seminary from Reynolds’s Ave., we were going to get gutsy and go into a battle line, however the presence of an NPS ranger kept my passion for this in check. We did stop and fronted for a few picture opps.

In addition to our program at the 2nd. Wisconsin’s monument we marched from there to the Railroad Cut, stopping along the way to place flags at the 6th. and the 7th.’s monument. Someone obviously the day before had placed a slab of hardtack on each of the Iron Brigade monuments.
However the piece was missing from ours when we got there, some seem to
think it was the ghost of Mongo who ate it!!!!!!!

Of course a high light for me was conducting the 2nd. Wisconsin Singers through a stirring rendition
Of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, graciously printed by the Mickelsons.

The parade was awesome, and I really want to add that we looked good. As most of you know we have opted to go with a late 1862 impression, with a dress parade uniform, including gaiters. Some may argue that by Gettysburg the boys looked pretty much like everyone else, with the exception of the Black Hats. That is the very reason, we went with the look we have. Our dress parade look set us apart from the rest, only the 5th. N.Y. Zouaves looked different. As I looked around, one could see that we were the Iron Brigade by our distinctive appearance. Once we got Sgt. Muffie to front the commands with the "2nd. Wisconsin" people started putting 2 + 2 together. I even heard one man explaining to his group of people explaining why we wore the tall black hats and gaiters. Again the compliments from the throngs of spectators where very rewarding.

On a very personal note and bear in mind this is only my opinion, I was very disappointed at the amount of bitterness that the Union command of our Battalion had about the troops who
portrayed themselves as Confederates being included in the parade.
Not only did they express their discontent they also decided to not part in the Hands
Over the Wall ceremony, which was to precede the speaker portion.

Wasn’t it both Lincoln and Grant who asked that we show compassion and bind up the wounds that tore apart our Nation? To hear such foolishness and hatred coming out of the mouths of fellow union re-enactors was painful to hear. Six years of living in the South taught me that there still is allot of animosity against the "Damn Yankees". Shouldn’t we strive to be better, and then through our example they too will follow. To borrow a phrase from a British songwriter "All we need is love". I felt I was deprived from a portion of the event that would have added to it all.
Next year I will take part in this part of the ceremony even if I do it by myself.
Come on guys; are we to become animals that keep their countries in constant turmoil like in the Middle East, or Northern Ireland???? Live and let live, PLEASE!!!!! ‘Nuff said on this.

The parade was followed by a banquet at the Bridges in New Oxford, arranged for by Jeff Meicher, who deserves a big thank you. The meal was great.

Of course all free time was occupied combing every inch of the battlefield or visiting the numerous sutlers and shops in Gettysburg. Bargains were everywhere, and Jeff did not buy a single print this time around, however I could not resist buying another hat from Dirty Billy.

All in all it was a great time, I only wish that we could inspire more folks to consider coming out,
with or without wives. What a great way to top off the season.

Anyone considering going out or out again next year, please let me know and I’ll see what we can find in the way of accommodations. We did reserve all the rooms at the Bridges again, but I am going to see about finding lodging in Gettysburg. Maybe we may be able to break the chokehold
the hotels have for repeat reservations.

My heart felt thanks to all of you both from Company C, K, and E for supporting a worthwhile event.

Thanks also to Capt. Huber for securing the permits.

Respectfully submitted,
Major Scott Hugh Wallick