Fabrics Being Sold in Wisconsin in the 1860's

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J. L. Davis & Co.,

Have Just Received,

Carpets, &c.,


Choice Dress Goods.
Colored Orleans, Mohairs, Brebants, &c., just received.

J. L. DAVIS & Co.

Amour, Poult de Soir, Dead Checks, Stripes,
and a large assortment of Evening Silks.

J. D. DAVIS & Co.

Plain drabs, Plaids & Stripes, in all the new colorings,
of very superior quality, just received.

J. L. DAVIS & Co.

Mourning Goods.
The largest variety ever brought to this market.
J. D. Davis & Co.

French, English & Scotch, Solid, Check and Fancy,
not to be found elsewhere, just received.

J. L. Davis & Co.

White Goods.
Brilliants, 4, 5, 6-1 Cambrics, Checks, Lawns, &c.,
all old stock, and cheap.

J. L. Davis & Co.

Embroideries and Laces.
Of every description, at OLD PRICES.
J. L. Davis & Co.

A complete stock, which we are selling by the pair
for less than we can purchase by the package.

J. L. Davis & Co.

To Housekeepers,
We can offer Table Linens, Napkins, Towels, Quilts,
Linen Sheetings, Pillow Linens, &c., &c., very much
below the market price.

J. L. Davis & Co.

House Furnishing.
Damasks, Lace Curtains, Mats, Rugs &c.
J. L. Davis & Co.

Cloaks & Mantillas.
Made to order, at Wholesale & Retail.
Also Cloakings & Trimmings.

J. L. Davis & Co.

Crape, Silk, Merino, & Stella. in great variety.
Also Bombazines, Crapes, Veils, &c.

J. L. Davis & Co.

Spring Beds & Mattresses.
Made to order in the very best manner, and prime
Live Geese feathers, At Wholesale & Retail.

J. L. Davis & Co.

Milwaukee Sentinel,
Saturday, July 4, 1863
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FOR 1862!
Sewell's & Bro.
Have received one of the most elegant and complete stocks of Dry Goods, 
Shoes, &c., ever offered in Fond du Lac. They were purchased at the most 
favorable time this Spring, for low prices, and many styles of Dress Goods 
much under their real value. 
Having for 12 years sold our customers GOOD GOODS, 
and now when the times demand greater THINGS TO BE DONE, 
when the facilities to buy goods must be the best 
and the ability  to sell at the lowest possible profit  demonstrated, 
then we are ready to  promise our customers that 
No Competition in the West shall Sell them BETTER or Cheaper Goods!!
Our stock consists in part of Dress Goods, 
Colored and Black Wool, Mohair Lustres, 
Broiderie Anglais, Embroideres Mohair, Lame Lustres, 
Mozambiques, Plaid, Muslin de Laine, 
Brages, Lawns, &c.
Good black at 7 shillings, worth 9 shillings. 
Muslin de Laine and handsome Dress Goods at ONE SHILLING per yard 
in great variety.
Long and square Brocha Shawls, heavy fringed cashmere, silk and stella shawls 
Good Brocha shawls for $3.00, worth $5.00 
French Merino Stella Shawls for $3.00, worth $5.00 
Good Summer Shawls for $1.00 worth $1.50 
Cloaks and Saques from $2.00 to $10.00.
In greatest variety, Broadcloth and Cassimers, Satinets, 
Jean, Farmers Cassimeirs, Tweeds, York Mill Cottonades, 
and all goods reasonable and suitable for men and boy's wear 
great bargains in summer goods 
at one shilling, one and six and two shillings per yard.
Collars and sleeves at half their former prices 
handsome goods at 6, 8, and 12 shillings per set.
Extremely Low, Great Bargains in these goods 
A choice lot of Ribbons, Flowers, &c. Parasols and Sun Umbrellas 
Gloves, Mitts, Hosiery, &c., in great variety and at low price.
Of every grade in great quantities, Brown and Bleached sheetings. Tickings, Drills, 
Denims, Taists (Twists), Jeans, Stripe Shirtings, Checks, Stripes, &c., 
by the yard, piece or bale.
6,000 Pairs Ladies Shoes and Boots
In Gaiters, Balmorals and other styles. We shall sell out 
4, 6, and 8 shillings, goods that cannot be replaced at that money now
Also great bargains in Ladies Gaiters.
A Choice lot of new Green Teas at $1.00 and $1.50 a pound
Fond du Lac
July 2, 1862
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Calico priced in the Madison Weekly Argus, Dec 25, 1860 - 9 cents per yard
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Alpaca- long fine wool from a Peruvian goat woven with a mix of silk or cotton.
made a thin durable soft cloth that was made into lustres and 
twills in 24" to 36" widths.
Barerge - from the Pyrenees village of Arosons, type of gauze of silk and wool 
or wool only. Made in all colors, 26" wide.
Basques- the part of a dress bodice below the waist, may be cut 
with the bodice or added
Basting- a term used by tailors. Women/home sewers used the term "tacking"
Batiste- cotton muslin of light weight. used for summer dresses, linings and 
trimmings. It was manufactured 1 yard wide and was considered 
the French name for Cambric (a fine linen muslin), 
Named for Baptista, a linen weaver at Cambray.
Blonde- the natural color of undyed silk
Bombazine- silk or wool fabric with a plain or twill weave
Brabant Edge - Combination of Brussles and Venetian edge worked alternately
Brilliants - Muslin with gazed face and figured, lined or cross-barred design
Broadcloth - so called as over 29" wide. stout woolen cloth with a smooth finish
Brocatelle- similar to brocade, woven on a jacquard loom 
Brocha Anglais - velvet or silk textile with satin figure on face.
Broiderie Anglaise - A close modern equivalant would be eyelet yard goods.
Calico- Named for Calicut, town on the east coast of Malibar, 
Made of cotton and printed.
Cashmere (Goat Cloth) - Made from soft wool of Tibetan Goat and Australian 
wool - fine texture, twilled, 42" wide. In 19th C., the best was made in France.
An imitation, lower quality version was manufactured in England using Angora
rabbit fur rather than Tibetan goat. 
Cassimers (or Kerseymeres) - twilled woolen cloth, very pliable. 
Woven 36" and milled.
Challis- the challis of the period had a light instead of dark background. A thin
textile made of silk and wool having a good luster. It is twilled and generally
printed with colored flowers to give the appearance of velvet painting. It was
introduced in England around 1832 and was made in 30" widths. 
Crape- delicate transparent crimped gauze of raw silk. Sometimes was 
smoothed or twilled. Crape Cloth was wool woven like 
crape veiling and dyed black.
Delaine - (muslin de laine, mousseline de laine) a light wool in a muslin weave 
Denim - Origin in traditional blue (indigo dyed) overall cloth made and worn in 
Nimes, France (de Nimes). Originally all cotton. A stiff cloth.
Drill - stout linen twilled cloth in unbleached, white or colors. Lighter than duck.
Embroideries- Fabrics worked with a border design
Gingham- A thin woven check fabric originally woven of linen, 32" wide, or
on inferior cotton 
Jean - Twilled cotton cloth, a version of fustian, woven plain or striped. Called for place of origin 
de Geans, from 14th century on.  Often made, in 19th C., with additional filler 
material - wools or linen. Similar to Drill but softer.
Kersey- Medieval woolen fabric originally from East Anglia - cheap, coarse 
and very weatherproof.
Lawn - delicate linen resembling Cambric but thinner. Name from the French 
town of Laon where it was first produced in the 16th Century
Lustre- Fabric woven in a poplin weave from silk and wool
Merino - thin woolen twilled cloth of Spanish Merino wool. sometimes 
mixed with silk.
Mohair- woven from hair of an Angora goat, usually with a warp or woof 
of silk, wool or cotton for stability as it is a very soft fiber.
Muslin- Not like today's version, which is too coarse. It was a long staple cotton,
rather like a heavier batiste. Thought to be derived from the town of Mosul in
Iraq, the first made were of silk embroidered with gold threads. It became a
cotton term in the 18th C.
Orleans - A dress fabric of a thin cotton warp and wool worsted weft in a flat or
figured weave. Was made in all colors and black and was 36" wide. First made in
Orleans, France. 
Poult de Soir - Rich, thick corded silk dress fabric. originally woven 26" wide
Satinets - thinner, cheaper version of satin. The American version mixed in wool
Sheeting - stout cloth of linen or cotton made for bed linen - 2 to 3 yards wide.
Ticking - strong fabric in linen or cotton usually used woven in blue and white or
pink and white stripes of a Jean weave. Used for matresses or blinds.
York Mill Cottonades- Inferior quality cotton, black or white, 
for women's skirts or boy's suits.
Below a great modern source for material

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