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Sections of School of Soldier used for
1998 Madison Sesquicentennial Event


here given are of the greatest importance to the Recruit, and therefore should be thoroughly understood, being indispensable to the Instruction of the Company; on which, again, depends that of the Battalion.
The School of the Soldier will be divided into three parts. The first comprehending what should be taught recruits without arms; the second, the Manual of Arms, and the loading and firings; and the third will embrace the principles of alignments, the steps to the front, to the rear, and the oblique-step; the principles of wheeling from a halt and on the march; to change direction by a turn, and by file.

Each part will be divided into lessons, as follows:


Lesson 1.   Position of the soldier.  Eyes right, left and front.

Lesson 2.   Facings.

Lesson 3.   Principles of the direct step in common time.

Lesson 4. Principles of the oblique-step in common time.


Lesson 1.   Principles of shoulder arms.

Lesson 2.  Manual of arms.

Lesson 3.  Loading.

Lesson 4.  The firings, direct, oblique and by file


Lesson 1.  The principles of alignment.

Lesson 2.  The march to the front and the oblique steps in common time.

Lesson 3.  The march by the flank and the changing direction.

Lesson 4. Principles of wheeling and turning.

These lessons will be followed by remarks and illustrations, the better to explain the principles prescribed.