Co C commander, Paul Eschbach passed away suddenly Monday evening.

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or call me at 301 432 6207 for information

Thanks, Bob Eschbach


Brother Paul had sustained a serious head injury about 20 years ago that required brain surgery and rehab. After that he suffered occasional epileptic seizures. On Monday evening  he had another seizure and he never recovered from it.  Several years ago I had to assume a much more limited role in C co because of knee woes and he stepped into the gap and became our glue that has held us together. Because he shared and loved our mutual obsession with the 2nd.Wisc. he was willing to be our CO with the rank of Sgt. even though it went against his gentle personality. Sgt Snorkle he wasn't. He leaves behind a loving wife and an equally bright, gentle 12 yr. old daughter. Funeral, visitation, donation Info is at   

Bob Eschbach