Bill Acheson
Sgt. Company C.

I have received a message from Bill Acheson (Sgt. Company C) and
he regrets to inform the Association membership of the passing of one of his men.
Troy Sadler passed away this past year, a young man, and a untimely passing.
Most of you will not know the name, but he has been a member of Company C,
and loved reenacting, and representing the 2nd Wisconsin. He is survived by his wife.
I know that we all feel saddened by the loss of one of our own, and our sympathy and
condolences goes out to Company C and his wife. He loved the 2nd so much, that he
was buried in his uniform.
Please take the time to say a quick pray for this man and his family as well as
members of  Company C as they deal with his passing.
Thank you

Association Secretary